so sick of seeing so called poor people buying iPhones. Ever thought that might be a contributing factor to you being poor. perhaps next time you think spending $800 on a fancy new phone every year is a good idea you buy a house with that money. a thin sliver of a house. a house part. A door. A stack of 8 bathroom tiles. a curtain. Within like 90 years you would have a complete house idiots

Grad school is amazing like 10 page papers used to terrify me but now I’m like 20 pages? If I had a dick I could write that in the snow with a single stream. 


To be perfectly honest this is just the result of boredom, but I’ve uploaded my entire Fall Out Boy discography in case there is anyone out there who might want to download it. There’s their EPs, albums, greatest hits record and more.

To download, select File in the top left corner and then the Download option. They are all zip files so you’ll also need winRar to extract them once they’ve downloaded.

I’ve missed a few things like their AOL and VH1 VSPOT sessions but all the important stuff is here. So enjoy!


when you and your friends see a hot person